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Try folding your sarong in half so you can wear as a unique top.
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Try folding your sarong in half when you wish to wear a short sarong or use as a scarf.
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Sarong roll

You will discover many uses for your sarongs and this is one of my favorite suggestions.

Use a sarong to aid a crease free arrival at your chosen destination. Fold a sarong in half length ways and lay it on your bed or sofa. Lay out all your clothing on top making sure they are laid out fully open with as little folding as possible. Roll up into a sausage shape and remember the fatter your sausage the less creasing you will have. On arrival open your roll and hang up clothing as soon as you can on available hangers. Within about half an hour you will see your holiday clothing is hardly creased at all. After all who needs to iron on holiday!


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Latest Amazon review for our sun block umbrella.

This review is from: The Travellers Choice Sun Block Umbrella with Excellent UV Protection
Really pleased with this umbrella. I know it will keep the rain off but that is not why I bought it. I need it for the silver lining to protect my face and hands from the sun when I go on holiday. It is of a robust construction and I like the easy to hold rubber handle. Best of all it has an automatic open and close feature that I was unaware of when I ordered it. I have been protecting my face from the sun for years but get tired of wearing sunglasses and very large sun hats! I am always looking for shade to stand in so now I won’t have to. This is first time I have bought on Amazon as I never thought to look here. Quick delivery also.

Brian Sewell inspired me to source this sun block umbrella. If It’s good enough for the wonderful Brian then who would dare to argue!
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Use your sarongs in this cold weather

All our batik sarongs and scarves are perfect to wear as wraps. Whether you choose silk, rayon or cotton they all drape beautifully. Because our weather is so unpredictable at the moment I have been wearing my silk wraps as they are warmer and much lighter than carrying a jacket around with you in case the weather changes for the worse.