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Bali leaf bordered Chiffon Sarong in Sky Blue

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066CHB4  Bali leaf bordered batik chiffon sarong in sky blue.  As with all our chiffon sarongs it drapes beautifully and this sarong also looks great when used as a scarf. As you can see in our product photo’s it is possible to tie off our sarongs in many different ways, it only takes a little practice.

Selecting a colour which is close to the colours in your swimwear and holiday clothes will always give you a more cohesive, stylish look.

Our sarong fabric has been especially selected because it has a particularly good draping quality, essential in a flattering sarong.

All our sarongs are a full generous size and if you are unsure in any way about sizing or colour just email me


- Hand made using traditional batik methods
- First quality chiffon with flattering draping qualities
- Many uses including sarong, wrap and scarf
- Full length, 177cm x 120cm enabling you to tie off in many different styles

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