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Sky Blue Bali Leaves Batik Sarong in Chiffon

066CH Bali leaf sky blue chiffon dress


066CHB4 Sky Blue Bali leaf sarong hand made using quality chiffon. Chiffon sarongs drape beautifully and as our pictures show you can wear them in so many different ways. This sarong is also available in turquoise or strawberry cream. Chiffon sarongs fold easily in half enabling you to wear as a short sarong also. As you can see in our product photo’s it is possible to tie off our sarongs in many different ways, it only takes a little practice.

Selecting a colour which is close to the colours in your swimwear and holiday clothes will always help give you a more cohesive, stylish look.
Our sarong fabric has been selected because it has a particularly good draping quality, essential in a flattering sarong.
All our sarongs are a full generous size and if you are unsure in any way about sizing or colour just call us on 01473 890123 Tuesday to Saturday between 10 and 4


Hand made using traditional batik methods
First quality rayon with flattering draping qualities
Many uses including sarong, wrap and scarf
Full length, 177cm x 120cm enabling you to tie off in many different styles
Flattering coverage
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Price: £23.95

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