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Rich Caramel Contemporary Curls Sarong

024 Cont curls caramel TIED AT WAIST

This sarong is a really rich caramel colour and can be worn in many different ways.
As shown here you can always fold our sarongs in half to wear in lots of different styles.
All sarongs are hand made making your sarong unique.
Your sarong will be flattering as this material drapes beautifully

Hand made using traditional batik methods
90% Rayon 10% cotton and many more batik designs available
Many uses including sarong, scarf and wrap.
Full generous size 175x120cm enabling you to tie off in many different ways

024 Cont curls caramel MAIN024 Cont curls caramel TIED AT WAIST024 Cont curls caramel sortpearl drop ivory chocolate shortNew trio 2014

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Price: £22.00

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