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Blocks over 96% of Damaging UV Sunrays

Hand held umbrella 3
I have used umbrellas to keep the sun away from my face and neck for more years than I care to remember and grew tired of having to throw them away at the end of a holiday because they fell apart. I was also never quite sure how how good the UV factor protection was.
After searching a long time to find a factory that could make a quality umbrella with
proven UV protection that can also be easily packed in a small suitcase I have come up trumps!
I never leave home without my own shade now and love that I don’t have to wear sticky sun creams any more.
RRP is £29.95 We buy in bulk direct from the factory and our Price is £19.95 Hats are hot brolly’s are cool!
Especially designed to give an effective block to the suns harmful rays while helping you to stay a little cooler
Easy to use rubberised handle with an automatic open and close feature
Designed with travelling in mind it folds down to just 32cm
A quality umbrella with excellent UV protection which also happens to keep the rain off

(Amazon review)Really pleased with this umbrella. I know it will keep the rain off but that is not why I bought it. I need it for the silver lining to protect my face and hands from the sun when I go on holiday. It is of a robust construction and I like the easy to hold rubber handle. Best of all it has an automatic open and close feature that I was unaware of when I ordered it. I have been protecting my face from the sun for years but get tired of wearing sunglasses and very large sun hats! I am always looking for shade to stand in so now I won’t have to. Quick delivery also.

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Customer review May 25 2017 from Vince in Portugal
Hello Trish,
We received the umbrellas today and already put them to good use in this
heatwave we have been having. 42 degrees yesterday and 37 today.

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Price: £29.95£16.95

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