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Several years ago after becoming tired of the usual flimsy beach sarongs I had bought on holidays in far off places, I decided to source a better quality sarong that would not only last longer but look more flattering than my often hastily bought beach sarongs did. I finally found what I was looking for and was so pleased with the quality that I began wearing said sarongs not just on holidays but around my house and for going out in the evening. It was only after several friends and work colleagues asked me where they could purchase these sarongs that I realised I was not the only one desiring a more flattering, contemporary sarong.

To bring you up to date, I now ship in direct our very own hand made contemporary batik sarongs. I use several small village batik makers in Asia who love working on our ever changing patterns and colours. We are only able to offer this quality at such a good price because we do ship in rather large quantities direct.

I have chosen our cotton, silk and rayon for 3 main reasons. 1. They have a wonderful draping quality which is essential for a sarong to be flattering. 2. They hold the vibrant batik colours so well. 3. Versatility! Our sarongs/pareos tie off beautifully regardless of how you need to wear them!

Once you begin to use these stylish sarongs you will understand just how versatile and flattering they can be.

Best of all, our sarongs drape beautifully regardless of your size.

If you have any questions do please email me @ trish@yoursarong.co.uk

Should you like to wear your sarongs other than on the beach or in your holiday hotel the following information may help.

You can take a look on You Tube and see an amazing collection of videos on how to tie your sarong. I promise you will be amazed at how many ways they show!

The key to creating a full outfit with a sarong is to select the main colour in the sarong and match it right through including tops, trousers and shoes etc. I always recommend using only 1 or 2 colours when putting your outfit together as not only is this more flattering but your outfit will look much more cohesive. Because colour is so important when creating your own outfit you may find it useful to take your new sarongs to your favourite stores when looking for garments to match. As time goes on you will find it easier to select the colours that work best for you.

Here is my top ten ways to use a sarong…

1. On the beach or by the pool, naturally.
2. Tied as a dress for day or evening wear.
3. Tying in a simple knot over the bust to wear as dressing gown replacement.
4. Use as a shawl to go out in the evenings or to protect your arms in the sun.
5. Using to aid when packing, lay holiday clothes on top of sarong and roll into a sausage shape to decrease creasing on arrival at your holiday destination.
6. Simple and cheap alternative as a sling to carry an infant and also so useful to use for privacy when breastfeeding.
7. Wear as a scarf all year round
8. Floor length adjustable skirt/dress for cool maternity wear.
9. Also used for beautiful tablecloths and runners.
10. Last but by no means least, YourSarong is popular with our male customers too!

It gives me great pleasure to think you may be enjoying your sarongs as much as I do.


If for any reason your sarong is not suitable just post back to us for a refund or exchange to-

YourSarong.co.uk The Crockery Barn, Ashleigh Farm, Ashbocking, Ipswich Suffolk IP6 9JS. Email trish@yoursarong.co.uk